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Wedding at Kin House, Chippenham 9/9/23

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

We were very lucky to be invited to sing at the wedding of Olivia & Luke at the fantastic location of Kin House near Chippenham. This is what they had to say ab out us:

“Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir performed at out wedding and helped to make it the best day of our lives. They performed incredibly and made the ceremony and the reception truly special. The variety of songs meant that everyone was entertained. Family and friends from Wales to Australia commented on how incredible it was to see the choir perform. They were extremely friendly, positive, professional and easygoing, and it was a pleasure to meet them all after the ceremony. A huge thank you to Rob who spent a lot of time guiding us through the process, from song choice to the practical elements of the ceremony, and was amazing. I can’t wait to see you perform again in the future, thank you!”

Setting up for the wedding in 30+ temperatures!!

Entertaining after the wedding on the balcony.

Bradley taking a rest but in reality supporting a melting parasol.

Our musicians surveying the scene just before the guets arrive.

A very rare sight - Steve and Ieuan drinking water!!!

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