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Sid Judd

It is with great sadness that the choir was informed of the passing of Sid Judd yesterday (3/3/24) at the age of 85. Sid was ill for a relatively short period of time but never lost his sense of humour during that time. Sid sang with the choir for over 20 years and was the lead voice in the Baritones. He had a beautiful, strong baritone voice that enabled him to captivate audiences during afterglows. Sid was a committee man during his period with the choir and was never afraid to speak his mind or voice his opinion. Many of us have been on the sharp side of his tongue if we stood out of line!!! Sid was also infamous for telling jokes, and for laughing at his own jokes, but the one that stands out is when he reckoned he was the oldest electrician working at the BBC when he was known as the 'Jurassic Sparks'.

Sid will be greatly missed and we send our condolences to his wife Linda and all the family.

There are two videos below which illustrate Sid's range of solo performances - one in a bar in Cologne and the other in Ghent Cathedral, both during the European Tour 2016.

RIP Sid.

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