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CAPMC Perform with 'Ponty Presley' at the Old Arcade.

Updated: May 12

CAPMC supporting Ponty Presley in the Old Arcade.

1st Half. Supporting 'Elvis' with 'An American Trilogy'.

2nd Half. typical selection of CAPMC repertoire.

Singing shows how much it brings people together and touches peoples hearts and lives.

Two typical conversations tonight...

1. There was a family of 8 tonight celebrating the life of their brother who took his own life. His birthday would have been today, they were in Cafe Citta across the street to the Old Arcade. They came out to listen to us, and were blown away after we sang 'Fix You', as that was the song they played in his funeral.

They came up to Ieuan to say they didn't realise that when we sing we touch peoples lives, we don't just sing, but make a connection.

2. Four Cardiff sisters were in 'town' meeting tonight for the first time in years. They decided to pop in to the Old A, not knowing Ponty Presley or CAPMC were singing.

They were in tears most of the night. Their sister gave up her life a while ago and their Mum was a big Elvis fan and their Dad was in a Choir in Cornwall.

Donna, Maria & Leslie said how their Mum, Dad and sister would have all loved being here tonight.

For all the memories of missing Loved ones.... Touching Lives...

Thank You Gents for a Special night. Ieuan Jones, Musical Director, CAPMC.

CAPMC Secretary Gary Morgan with Maria & Leslie our new fans!!

Chairman Trevor Hopkins accompanying Ponty Presley

Bob Allen and Gabby preparing our sustenance for the evening.

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