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Virtual Choir Tour

One globally accepted truth is that music transcends national boundaries and is, in itself, an International ‘language’. Imagine a young boy accepting hospitality over numerous Summers, courtesy of a family friendship, to enhance English language proficiency. CAPMC chorister David Marlow and his wife Mair welcomed a very young Hungarian boy, Belian, to Cardiff to attend late Summer Term schools and integrate with youngsters of his own age. What a lovely experience!! Mair, as a first language Welsh speaker, will have provided Belian with additional insight into our home tongue. The family connection remains strong as Belian is now a successful businessman in his native Budapest. FAST FORWARD a few years as fellow chorister Peter Weber takes a holiday break in Budapest and suitably armed with 'intricate' location instructions, expertly provided by David, delivers to Belian a copy of our new choir CD. Handover a resounding success. In a ‘virtual' age Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir undertake a 'virtual’ tour.

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